Collection: My Best Friend Forever (On hand)


Amelia and Scarlett have been best friends since they were babies. They do pre-school classes and activities together and play and study together. But when they start kindergarten, their parents enroll them in different schools.

The girls miss each other, but they chat, sketch and draw, and dress Barbies for hours while video calling.

Back in their schools, they feel lonely. That is until one day Amelia befriends Chloe and Scarlett befriends Zoey. These new friendships formed at their schools bring immense happiness to both Amelia and Scarlett. However, there is sometimes jealousy, yet the girls understand that they can make other friends while they are BFFs.

While this book is a story of two best friends, it is also a story of inclusion where the young readers learn to include their other friends and other children!

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